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  • Name:WGC200 roll roll forming unit
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  • Updated:2012-09-28 22:09:12
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Product Overview:
Native cold-formed profiles, door and window materials, car window frames, car scaffolding, light steel keel, sliding window profiles, light steel ceiling, every keel, decoration profiles, etc., can also design the roll according to user requirements and production profiles .
II. GW200 roll forming machine main technical parameters
1. Rolling thickness :1.2-2 .5 mm
2. Expand Width :50-200mm
3. Rolling speed :5-30 (m / min)
4. Main motor: 30KW New Model YCT280-4A
5. The main drive reducer: ZQ500-V i = 15.25
III. Main structure and performance
1. On the rack: Press and release the strip.
2. Host: a total of 12 sets of rack, the strip host by the opposition and horizontal Rollers rolling and forming.
3. Correction device
Host rolled products, the apparatus for straightening and finishing processing to adjust from horizontal, respectively vertical rotation in three directions, and can improve the straight and clear of the product distorting.
4. Cutting Machine
This machine is automatic tracking, automatic cutting molding products.
5 drop tube frame: Orbital pneumatic turn feeding device.

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