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  • Name:WGB32 precision stainless steel composite welded pipe mill
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Product Overview:
1 The equipment for the manufacture of production Φ13 to Φ40mm δ0.6 to 2.5mm precision stainless steel composite pipe and the corresponding composite square tube of special equipment. Cut off saw only the composition of the device from the the discharge tray to cut to length, within the scope of the proper diameter and appropriate wall thickness, the the pipe speed can be adjusted accordingly.
2. Applicable material:
(1) A: the inner tube of hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip steel, B: the outer tube of stainless steel strip
(2) Material: A. tube stainless steel tube Low carbon steel, B.
(3) within the thickness of the steel strip pipe: 0.6 ~~ 2.5mm, the outer tube: 0.2 ~ 1.0mm
3. Processing the composite pipe size range:
(1) outer diameter: Φ13 ~ Φ40mm
(2) The wall thickness of the inner tube: 0.6 ~~ 2.5mm, the outer tube: 0.2 ~ 1.0mm
(3) Length: 4 ~ 9M
4. A: steel pipe production process:
Steel strip, both shear butt (user-owned) power leveling → ​​→ storage silos → forming rolling → ​​high-frequency welding → ​​removal of weld seam the outside burrs → cooling → ​​welding raw (strip steel roll) → discharge → seam grinding into the composite unit → sizing → ​​drying →
   B: composite pipe production process:
Raw materials (stainless steel strip volume) → discharge → the steel strip inclusive shear butt (user-owned) → bit guide means (for finished steel argon welding composite rolling stainless steel strip) → → → welds polished coarse → sizing → ​​straightening → ​​→ Length of cut off the pipe rack
Rolling speed: 2 ~ 15M/min.
Power: (for reference)
(a) Equipment Motor: 3KW +2 X18.5KW +22 KW +5.5 KW +5 X2.2KW = 78.5KW
(b) high-frequency equipment: 100KW
(C) TIG welding machine: 500A

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